Wakesurf Clinic – 1/2 Hour – OUT OF STOCK

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Well, 1/2 hour actually means 25 mins. We are not psychiatrists but we need a few mins to cover for side changes and getting to and from the docks, etc. When you pick a pro and a time slot with the one hour clinics, we actually treat those as inventoried items so they don’t get double booked and do our best to make that happen. With the 1/2 hour clinics we take this as your preference, and will do our best to get what you want, but it is not always possible. Under certain circumstances, a refund may be given ahead of time, but that will be at the discretion of the clinic coordinator.

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Men, Women


Surf, Skim


Regular, Goofy


Aaron Witherell, Chris Wolter

Time Slot

Thu 10am, Thu 11am, Thu 1pm, Thu 2pm, Thu 3pm, Thu 4pm, Fri 9am, Fri 10am, Fri 11am, Fri 1pm, Fri 2pm, Fri 3pm, Fri 4pm


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