So you want to register for the West Coast Wakesurf Open, and we are happy to ablige. 😉

CLINICS:  Clinic registration will begin on April 11.

Please READ this before proceeding to register.

  • All clinic and division registration costs include your insurance. If you have your own yearly WWA membership, you can use the contact form here to send us your VALID WWA membership number, and we will refund you $30. For now, if you want to make sure you will get your spot, just register. Amy is really nice if you don’t give her a fake number, she will take care of you.
  • Please understand that we are dealing with pro riders, boats, weather, etc with the clinics and we will do our darnedest to hit your preference. There are no refunds unless you cancel well in advance with us and its approved by the clinic coordinator. He is not as nice as Amy, but he’s alright.
  • Same thing for refunds with the competition. If you have to cancel in advance and we can put someone else in the slot, we will work to do that, but no guarantees.
  • If you are using the same account to register multiple riders, please do not combine them in one order.  Please make separate orders and the billing details should be the details of that rider.

Please click the link below to add the division or clinic to your cart.